Outside Burn Permits

Fire Permits Are Required for Outdoor Burning

Click here for Fire Permits for Category I and Category II fires through a service offered by the State of New Hampshire on Class 1, 2, or 3 fire danger days for a convenience fee of $5.50.

Category I Fire: A small controlled fire such as a cooking fire, no greater then 2' in diameter contained with a ring of  fire resistive material or in a portable fire place. A Category I fire, conditions permitting, may be kindled with a permit at any time of day whether raining or not.

Category II Fire: A controlled fire, such as a camp fire, no greater than 4' in diameter contained with a ring fire resistive material or in a portable fireplace. A Category II, conditions permitting, may only be kindled, with a permit, between the hours of 5:00pm and 9:00am (unless it is raining). 

Fire permits can be aquired from the following:

  • Jeremy Haney, Forest Fire Warden: (603) 254-6037 on Smith Road

  • Norm Willey, Deputy Warden: (603)744-5928 on North Groton Road

  • Bill Oakely, Deputy Warden: (603)236-2269 on Crosby Lane

  • Patti Oakley, Issuing Agent: (603) 393-4529 on Crosby Lane


  • To review the daily fire danger for NH, click here.
  • To review important information about Category I & Category II fire specifications, click here.
  • To view an informational bulletin regarding certain outdoor fireplace permit exemptions, click here.