Police Department Phone Number: 744-3703
Police Department Email: police@grotonnh.org
Police Dispatch Number: 536-3566
Police Fax Number: 744-7894
Police Chief: Michael Bagan
Police Officers:   TBH
Groton Police Department Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Groton-Police-Department-811434538926156/
Fraud Watch


There has been a report of items from a garage in Town being pilfered.  Please be diligent and keep your homes and vehicles locked when unattended where ever you are, it doesn’t take long for an opportunistic bad guy to take advantage.  If you see anything out of the ordinary, a person or vehicle that seems out of place please call the local Police Department. 



There is a current scam going on in the area where someone will call the house pretending to be a family member that has been arrested.  Someone will get on the phone representing themselves as an attorney or some other official to make arraignments to pick up cash bail money. ALLWAYS verify directly with the arresting agency identified. Bail normally is posted at the location of incarceration or at the court of jurisdiction.  Attempt to contact the family member in question and always notify your local police department.

Social Security Scam
Please be aware that there is a new social security scam where they are using the Town Clerk's name to get you to pick up the phone. Please do not give any information and if you are not sure if the call is legitimate, please hang up and call the Town Clerk back at 603-744-8849 to see if she did in fact call you for some reason. Be safe out there!

Beware of scam emails from Facebook. There are a number of them out there right now stating "Congratulations from Facebook". Click here for an example or log onto https://www.facebook.com/pages/Latest-Scam-eMails/114458841959392.