Groton Town Forms

Building Permit

Building Permit Guidelines

PUC Residential Code Application form E-1

Release of Municipal Liability (RSA 674:41)

Permit to Operate a Place of Assembly

Permit to Install and Operate LP and/or Natural Gas Equipment

Permit to Install and Operate Oil Burning Equipment


Driveway Permit

Application For Current Use

BTLA form A-9

BTLA form A-12

Notice of Intent to Cut

Other Resources

Tax Maps

NLRA Land and Water Map of Groton

NLRA Land and Water Conservation Information

Groton Hazard Mitigation Plan

Junkyard Ordinance

Record Retention Policy

2022 Final Zoning with LWES & Flood Ordinance

Public Health Corps

Hello from the team at!

Here at, we strive to find the best health and safety information on the web. We then work to put this information in the hands of people who can share it far and wide to positively affect as many people as possible.

On our minds this week is weather preparedness; are your local residents prepared for potential weather emergencies?

Please carefully review the list of resources below to encourage as many residents as possible to take important safety precautions today.

Severe Weather 101

Basic Disaster Supplies Kit

Home Emergency and Disaster Safety

Preparing for Disasters in Your Home: What to Buy, What to Skip

Emergency Preparedness and Pets

Important Legal Documents for Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness for Seniors

How to Organize and Prepare for Disasters

Hurricane Preparedness - Be Ready

How To Protect Your Home From Flood Damage

Winter Safety and Preparedness

Tornado Safety Guide

Lightning Safety Tips

Homeowners Guide to Lightning Safety

Fire Safety in the Home

Home Fire Safety and Prevention tips

A Guide to Home Safety: Identifying and Preventing Hazards

A Family Guide to Kitchen Safety

Aging and Senior Care Resources for Communities in NH


Click here for a list of people you can obtain outside burning permits from.

Be Safe!!


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