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     Masks are not required to enter the building. If you choose not to wear a mask, please be respectful of others in the building that do choose to wear a mask and keep your distance from others.

     You must remain 6 feet apart from all others in the building.

     Do not enter and call us or email us instead if you have any of the following:

o Have a fever, cough or shortness of breath

o Known exposure to someone diagnosed with COVID-19

o Have traveled internationally in the last 14 days


Thank you for your patience during this time. Stay safe and healthy!

The Town of Groton



Avitar will be visiting properties in Groton over the next week or two. They will be driving a vehicle that has Avitar on the side so you know they are legitimate.



The State of NH DRA will be visiting properties in Groton over the next few weeks. They will be driving a State vehicle that is a Black Ford Focus with T-50 as the license plate number. It does have State decals on both sides.



For tax year 2021, all property values will be updated to market value as of April 1, 2021. With the real estate market fluctuating over the past few years, many property owners may see values increase; however, some may see them decrease. Just because some values increase or decrease, DOES NOT NECESSARILY mean that your taxes will increase or decrease.

Taxes are based on the combined budgets for the Town, school and county. The tax rate is determined by taking the total of those budgets divided by the overall value of the Town to arrive at a tax rate to “pay the bills”. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine the impact of the update until after the values are finalized and until after the NH Department of Revenue Administration (DRA) calculates the total amount of money needed to “pay the bills”. That process takes place in the fall, usually in October, with the Town’s tax rate the end result.   

Enough about taxes, let’s get back to the update. As part of this process, Avitar assessing staff members have attempted to visit every property to verify that the physical data is accurate. This is especially important for the sale properties as they become the basis for the new values. Once we analyze the sales and develop preliminary values, there will be a field review of the entire town, which is just a drive-by parcel by parcel of every property to verify location, site characteristics, quality and so forth to be consistent as possible. Please know the cycled inspection process has been done over the prior period and there was an attempt to measure and list every property during that time.

Once the preliminary process is complete notices with the new preliminary values will be mailed to every property owner. That notice will include information so that you can schedule a phone appointment to speak with an Avitar representative to discuss your assessment, should you have any questions.  Also included in the notice are instructions to access the online database and review the information about your property and every other property in town, including the sale properties that were used to help establish the new values.

As part of this process, the DRA has some oversight responsibilities, which includes visiting a sampling of those properties to verify data accuracy, and monitoring the hearing process.  Once the update has been completed, Avitar will deliver to the Town a manual which describes the process in detail. The DRA will also review that manual for compliance with applicable state law.

If, at the end of the process, you have any further questions or concerns, they should be addressed through the abatement process once you have received your tax bill in the fall.





If anyone in Groton is interested in receiving Home delivered meals (Meals on Wheels) 2-3 times a week, please contact Lisa Minickiello at 603-536-1204.







Recycle ANY ink & toner*


Staples will give the Town $2 of credit toward office supplies for every ink or toner cartridge (up to 20 per month) that we recycle. Please drop off your empty cartridges to the Transfer Station.

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