Groton Planning Board

Members: Deb Johnson (Chair), Russell Carruth, Glen Hansen, Forest Blake, Dave Labar, John Rescigno (Select Board liaison)




Dear Residents,

The Planning Board is pleased to provide you with the latest draft of the proposed zoning and several Fact Sheets. It includes many revisions that residents suggested, including allowing detached and larger sized Accessory Dwellings, increased sign size for Home Occupations and Home Businesses, removal of many prohibitions regarding development in the floodplain and over the aquifer, and many others.

Also, Please note, that Articles 8 & 9 of the proposed zoning ordinance contains Groton’s current Ordinance For Large Wind Energy Systems (LWES) and Flood Plain Development Regulations (Floodplain). The inclusion of each, performs the administrative function of integrating the previously adopted zoning (2015 for the LWES) and (2007 for Floodplain) and updating and consolidating the formats for more understandable and readable documents.

Should the proposed zoning fail to receive an affirmative vote on Election Day, both the LWES and Floodplain Zoning would continue in their present form as part of Groton’s zoning.

Thank you,

Planning Board


The draft zoning ordinance and fact sheets are listed below:

Zoning Ordinance Final Form (2-5-19)

Groton Zoning Fact Sheet